What is media?

Welcome to Deitz Media & Marketing. Most people don’t know what media means in advertising. They think advertising begins and ends with a TV commercial, radio spot or print ad. Media is the lynchpin between your great creative and your audience. You can have a fantastic message and creative design, but if you don’t get that message to the right people, it’s wasted.

Surely, if you have unlimited funds, you can get your message to everyone and eventually you’ll hit the right people. We can certainly work that way, but in 20 years, we’ve never come across a client with unlimited funds. Our clients have budgets, so our team’s goal is to determine our client’s goals and find the most efficient means of achieving them while staying on a budget.

It’s just as easy to not have a media plan in place as it is to have the wrong plan in place. Either way, you’ll spend through your budget quickly and never see the needle move. Passionate media planners know this and building the best plan is what drives us every day.