About Us

Our agency is committed to providing you the best service.

Deitz Media & Marketing can help you plan to use the most efficient media vehicles to reach your target audience. Once the media mix is determined, then we move on to more refined strategies and tactics. What would work best? TV, radio, outdoor, digital, digital video, digital audio, banners, print, and even non-traditional sponsorships? We’ll help you figure that out and we’ll put it all in place for you.

Deitz Media & Marketing is owned by Melissa Deitz. Melissa has worked in advertising in Reno for 20 years. She’s developed a unique skillset having worked at a large agency as a media director as well as having worked the other side of the desk as media sales support.   The benefit of understanding the media process from both sides of the desk has been invaluable.

So, what do you do with all of that experience and an entrepreneurial spirit? You open your own agency. Melissa has brought the big agency knowledge and experience to a small, personal shop, where she gets to plan and collaborate on non-traditional media opportunities to help her clients achieve their goals.

Melissa works on everything from multi-million dollar statewide plans as well as small localized special events. Clients have spanned from Memphis to San Francisco. Sectors include healthcare, automotive, casinos, special events, education, government, and retail.

Whatever your media needs, Deitz Media & Marketing can help.

Don’t count the people you reach. Reach the people who count – David Ogilvy